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How Day Use Rooms work and FAQ

1) What is is a booking portal for day use hotel room and hotel facilities in 3 to 5 star hotels.

2)What does day use mean?
Day use means using the services by day excluding an overnight stay.

3) How can I book?
Booking is possible by

  • Using the online portal:
    Identify the structure you are interested in by using the search box on the left-hand side of the home page.
    Enter the detailed card of the hotel to verify its facilities and vacancy.
    Once you have selected the date, you will access the booking form page where your name and e-mail address must be filled in. This information is useful in order to receive a REQUEST FOR BOOKING CONFIRMATION (needed only for the first booking).
    After clicking on CONFIRM, you will receive a BOOKING CONFIRMATION e-mail.   
  • Using the APP available for Android and iPhone, from which it is possible to make manage your own reservations;
  • Calling the phone number. All the details on DayBreakHotels contact page;

All the details on “How to Book” are available here

4) Are day rooms only for day time hours?
DayBreakHotels offers the possibility to book day rooms for daylight hours and day rooms for the evening; an option which allows clients to enjoy luxury hotel services before, during, and after dinner.

5) Am I obligated to book a day room with other hotel services?
Not necessarily. Depending on your necessities, you might only need a conference room or restaurant seating. The addition of a day room to the service serves as a point of reference to turn to before or after the services you booked.

6) Which personal information is required to make a reservation?
To book a room, name and e-mail address are required. Credit card information might be requested at the discretion of the hotel to book other facilities, as specified in the indications for every hotel.
7) When and how does payment take place?
The payment must be made directly at the hotel.

8) Can I make a cash payment at the hotel?
Yes, you can. It is possible to pay in cash and other payment methods (i.e. credit card).

9) In case I decide to buy a package which necessarily requests credit card information, would the payment have to be made immediately on the website or directly at the hotel?
The payment will have to be made at the hotel on the day of the Day Break. Credit card information is requested solely as a means to guarantee the reservation, not for charging purposes.

10) Is it possible to cancel the reservation? Is the cancellation free? When is the cancellation deadline?
Bedroom cancellation has to be made by midnight on the day before. Generally, cancellation is free for all services. Exceptions may occur specifically upon the hotel’s request.

11) Is the price of the bedrooms for one or two people?
The price of the bedrooms is for two people, excluding single bedrooms.As for the facilities, (SPA, restaurant, conference room, beach entrance and swimming pool) detailed price descriptions are located in the hotel card inside the package description.

12) Is it possible to make extra requests to the hotel while booking? (i.e.  food and beverages, late check out , etc.)?
Inside the booking form it is possible to fill in particular requests which may or may not be accepted at the discretion of the hotel.

13) Do I need any form of identification while checking in?
A valid form of identification must be presented for every guest while checking in.

14) Am I expected to pay a visitors' tax?
Payment of the regional visitor’s tax may be requested at the discretion of the hotel.

15) How will my personal data be used?
The data will be used as provided for by the applicable regulations number 196 of 2003.

16) Is it necessary to fill in the companion's name?
During the booking process, the companion's information is not required, but while checking-in, identification for every guest must be presented.

17) How much does it cost to book online with
Booking is completely free.

18) Can the staff book a room for me?
Certainly, just dial the phone number +442036030730 and an operator will be at your disposal to make or change bookings without added costs. It is also possible to contact our staff through the chat online available on the website.

19) When will I receive confirmation for my booking?
The first time you use the service you will receive the request for booking confirmation by e-mail within 5 minutes. All subsequent bookings will be directly confirmed.

20) How can I modify my reservation?
Inside the confirmation e-mail you will find a link through which you can cancel your reservation, then you will be able to make a new one by using the search box as specified in question 1.

21) How can I register to the service?
Registration to the service is not required. It is possible to request admission to the newsletter in order to receive all the special offers reserved for customers.

22) What is the difference between a staycation and a daybreak?
A daybreak and a staycation are very similar. However, with a daybreak you get to enjoy a day room in a luxury hotel, as well as a service such as a spa or pool access, whereas with a staycation you only get to enjoy the service. For a staycation you might just go with your family to the beach, but with a daybreak you get room service, pool access with towels and complimentary drinks, and much more!


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Booking on request:reservation subject to hotel availability verification. Credit card:to complete this booking, a credit card is required to guarantee the reservation. The payment will then be made ​​directly at the hotel with any form of payment.
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